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Monday, September 13, 2004


The Oxford English Dictionary defines irony as a state of affairs that appears perversely contrary to what one might expect. I say this because I am a victim, through my own actions, of irony. How did this state of affairs come to be? I hate being made to look like a fool without giving consent. I have no problem playing the fool and in fact, a lot of my humor is fairly self deprecating, but if made to look foolish, I am vehement in my own self -defense.
The story starts on Saturday. I was volunteering, through SASC, for Sunnybrook, a charity that provides pregnancy counseling for single mothers and assists other people in adoptions both here and abroad. We were doing a teardown after a consignment clothing sale and were sorting items that were going to be going to an African Missionary group. I was bent at the waist sorting through things in a box on the floor. Suddenly, I see a flash go off behind me, my friend Sharon had just taken a picture. I couldn't believe she did it and told her so but she said that she was taking a picture of the entire area. I was relieved and let things pass. Jump now to last night. By 8 PM last night, I can't say I was thinking terribly clearly (after having been up since 2:45 AM and only getting about 3 hours of sleep the previous night.) I went to checked out Sharon's blog and saw that which I was afraid I was going to see, the picture. It was a picture of everyone working but I am in the center with my back to the camera and bent over; almost as if I was trying to moon her with my pants on. This did not sit well with me and sent an email asking if I should be insulted and assuming that I should be. I then went to bed. This morning I checked my email and she said that she was simply trying to take a picture of the group working on the project, the fact that I was bent over hadn't even entered into the picture (so to speak). I had been made a fool of through my overreaction.


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