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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Perhaps I should explain...

As much as I would like to deny it, I have not been the easiest person to be around lately. Moody would be a very good description of how I have been. I have had periods where I have been very easy to get along, with but my general worldview has been pretty dark and cynical. Although any one who happens to read this would never be able to pick that up. :D The woman I was going out with dumped me without warning for an old boyfriend. I was stunned but the fact that she did it via email really pissed me off. She didn't have the courtesy to even talk to me about it. I thought I was alright. I said to myself, "Whatever! If she can't even talk to me, why should I talk to her?" and I thought that I went on. About a week later, I put my foot in my mouth in front of a female friend. I could live with that because it isn't that uncommon an occurrence. When I made a fool of myself as detailed in Irony that is when I realized maybe things weren't right, and then I got just plain existential. My idealism usually comes with a healthy dose of optimism. What I am doing actually means something and is making the world at least a little better. Tonight I went to a public meeting with the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation to discuss issues I have as a bicyclist in the Northwest suburbs that bikes in the Cook County Forest Preserves and possible solutions to those issues. They had a possible plan to address those issues. We were asked to review the plan, raise issues, and suggest possible solutions. It was a very productive meeting and I'm glad I went. I'm going to have to go to more public meetings. Having said that, I have been out for the last five nights and it will be really nice to be able to stay home tomorrow night and do nothing.


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