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Monday, November 29, 2004

Medical Marijuana

The government is again trying to dictate what people are allowed to do within the privacy of their own homes. The Supreme Court heard arguments whether the government has the power to prosecute those who use home grown marijuana for medical purposes in those states where marijuana may be used for medical purposes. The argument being used is whether the 1970 Controlled Substances Act amounts to an illegal use of Congress' power to regulate commerce between the states. The appeals court said that states could adopt medical marijuana laws as long as the marijuana was not sold, transported across state lines, or used for non-medical purposes. Personally, I think privacy issues could be applied as well. It doesn't look though, that the court will find in favor of the defendants. The Solicitor General, Paul Clement, argued that it would be hard for the government to enforce the nations drug laws if an exception were made for medical marijuana. A ruling is expected by the end of June.

Today, was a bad day in Iraq. 11 more soldiers were listed as having been killed. A total of 1249 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq with 128 being killed this month. If 8 people die tomorrow April of 2004 will no longer be the deadliest month. . March 19, 2004 was the 1 year anniversary of the war. 52 people died in that month with 27 by the one year anniversary. 576 people were killed at the one year anniversary and 601 by the end of the month. The soldiers that were killed this month were:

March 2: Spc. Michael R. Woodliff

March 5: PO2 Michael J. Gray

March 7: Capt. Gussie M. Jones

March 8: PFC Matthew G. Milczark

March 9: SFC Richard F. Gottfried, Spc. Edward W. Brabazon, Civilian Fern L. Holland, Civilian Robert J. Zangas

March 10: PFC Bert Edward Hoyer

March 11: Ssgt. Joe L. Dunigan Jr., Spc. Christopher K. Hill

March 13: PFC Joel K. Brattain, Capt. John F. (Hans) Kurth, Spc. Jason C. Ford, SFC Clint D. Ferrin, Sgt. Daniel J. Londono

March 14: Spc. Jocelyn (Joce) L. Carrasquillo, Sgt. William J. Normandy

March 16: 1st Lt. Michael R. Adams, Msgt. Thomas R. Thigpen Sr.

March 17: Spc. Tracy L. Laramore, Sgt. Ivory L. Phipps

March 18: PFC Ricky A. Morris Jr., PFC Brandon C. Smith, PFC Ernest Harold Sutphin, Cpl. Andrew D. Brownfield, Spc. Doron Chan

March 19 (1st Anniversary): Spc. Clint Richard (Bones) Matthews, PFC Jason C. Ludlam, Cpl. David M. Vicente

March 20: Spc. Matthew J Sandri, Maj. Mark D. Taylor, 1st Lt. Michael W. Vega,

March 21: PFC Christopher E. Hudson, Pvt. Dustin L. Kreider

March 22: Lcpl. Andrew S. Dang, PFC Bruce Miller Jr.

March 24: Ssgt. Wentz Jerome Henry Shanaberger III

March 25: Spc. Adam D. Froelich, Lcpl. Jeffrey C. Burgess, Lcpl. James A. Casper

March 26: PFC Leroy Sandoval Jr.

March 27: Msgt. Timothy Toney

March 29: PFC Sean M. Schneider, Spc. Jeremiah J. Holmes

March 30: Lcpl. William J. Wiscowiche, Msgt. Richard L. Ferguson

March 31: 1st Lt. Doyle M. Hufstedtler, Spc. Sean R. Mitchell, Spc. Michael G. Carr Jr., PFC Cleston C. Raney, Pvt. Brandon L. Davis

Details on each of these soldiers and civilians can be found at Iraq Coalition Casualties.


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