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Thursday, December 02, 2004


The most requested online definition was a word not even in the dictionary. Editors have planned on including the word blog, a shortened version of web log, in their 2005 update in both print and online editions. It is defined as a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer. Someone who visits this site would probably know this though. A word generally takes about 20 years to make it into the print edition but their have been a few words such as AIDS and SARS that have made it early. The other words in the top ten for this year were: incumbent, electoral, insurgent, hurricane, cicada, peloton, partisan, sovereignty, and defenestration (how did that end up on the list?) The election, the hurricanes, the Tour de France, and the plague of locusts in northern Africa make sense, why is the word for getting thrown out a window so popular?

And now for the update for the Iraq war. Two more people were listed two have been killed in November which made November the deadliest month of the war with 136 killed. Three people have been killed in December so far. A total of 1260 Americans have been killed in Iraq so far. In June of 2004, 42 people were killed which brought the total to 858. The names of the soldiers that died in June of 2004 are as follows:

June 1: PFC Markus J. Johnson

June 2: Cpl. Bumrok Lee

June 3: Lcpl. Todd J. Bolding

June 4: 1st Lt. Erik S. McCrae, Spc. Justin W. Linden, Sgt. Justin L. Eyerly, Sgt. Frank T. Carvill, Spc. Christopher M. Duffy

June 5: Sgt. Humberto F. Timoteo, Spc. Ryan E. Doltz

June 6: Sgt. Melvin Y. Mora Lopez, PFC Melissa J. Hobart

June 7: Sgt. Jamie A. Gray, Lcpl. Jeremy L. Bohlman

June 8: Capt. Humayun S. M. Khan

June 9: PFC Thomas D. Caughman

June 13: Spc. Eric S. McKinley

June 14: PFC Shawn M. Atkins

June 16: Maj. Paul R. Syverson III, Sgt. Arthur S. (Stacey) Mastrapa, Spc. Jeremy M. Dimaranan

June 18: Spc. Thai Vue, PFC Jason M. Lynch

June 19: PFC Sean Horn

June 20: Ssgt. Marvin Best

June 21: Lcpl. Juan Lopez, Ssgt. Gregory V. Pennington, Lcpl. Deshon E. Otey, Cpl. Tommy L. Parker Jr., Lcpl. Pedro Contreras

June 22: 1st Lt. Andre E. Tyson, Sgt. Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr.

June 24: Capt. Christopher S. Cash, Spc. Daniel A. Desens, Ssgt. Chares A. Kiser

June 26: Spc. Jeremy M. Heines, Lcpl. Manuel A. Ceniceros

June 27: 1st Sgt. Ernest E. Utt

June 29: Sgt. Alan David Sherman, Lcpl. Patrick R. Adle, Cpl. John H. Todd III

June 30: Spc. Robert L. DuSang

Details on these soldiers may be found at Iraq Coalition Casualties.


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