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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I should have figured that this would happen. The advantage of not letting people know about this blog was that I was able to say what I wanted without feedback. This is also a disadvantage because what I have to say may be completely out in left field. I told several of my friends and family recently what the address of this blog is and I got my first real feedback today. My sister Melissa, the second of my three sisters complained that she wasn't in my blog. I was a little embarrassed at first because I don't want to exclude her and there were a few times that I should have mentioned her, but my chagrin (on that point at least) was short lived, a quick search found that I mentioned her on her birthday of October 17th. There may be a few more mentions of her but I would have to go through about 100 entries. I love all of my brothers and sisters and do think about them every day even if I don't happen to mention them here. Melissa also pointed out a couple of misspelled words that she found. This actually was pretty big. I am a great speller and my grammar is very good. It actually is no surprise that my little sister, who is also very literate, would use this to poke at her big brother. So Melissa, I hope this is a good enough mention for you. I will try to mention you more when I talk to you.

In Iraq, there have been 8 Americans killed this month. Which brings the total up to 1341. I will detail the casualties in December on Saturday.


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

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At 9:12 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Okay, now that I have the correct address....... I was gonna post a reply but after trying to come up with a name that hadn't been used and told it only took 3 minutes to register, about 20 minutes later, I decided to just e-mail you and you could post it on the blog. First of all as I have nothing to do from 4:30 to midnight every night, I had time to read your approximate 100 postings, and no I am not joking. Although the last 20 postings or so I did skim but thoroughly skimmed. I went back as far as I could go and I was mentioned once and only once, however I am glad you at least said my name. Now let me just say the more I read the more amazed I was. Guy, who is not even related was mentioned in your blog numerous (I'd say at least 10) times. Granted, you have known each other since the beginning of time but as I said NOT related. There was also a girl you recently met (at a concert I believe) that was mentioned two or three times. Anyway..........
When you did (finally) mention me on my birthday I was impressed that you got my age right. To tell you the truth, I am not quite sure how old you are but I could come within a couple years. I was pleased to see you not only mentioned me (finally) but made me look good too. Something about I chose to go to Applebee's instead of chinese (which I wanted horribly bad) because my boyfriend doesn't like chinese food at all. So thank you for that.
Oh and I happened to talk to our youngest sister about how you mentioned me only once and she did some research (although not to the extent I did) and realized she is not in your blog at
ALL. How odd. She stopped in about the beginning of the paragraph and wanted me to bring this to your attention. We came to realize that Shawn and I are in there once and Kathryn and Devon are not in at ALL. SO, I am sure that she would be happy (I am sure Devon would be unphased) if you would mention her also. Although it isn't quite the same for EITHER of us as it is a pity mentioning. As is the phone calls I have received from you in the past months. It was obvious when you finished the days log with "I hope this is a good enough mention for you". You did say, however, you will mention me more often and I am holding you to this. I wasn't really impressed with the "try" you added to the sentence, but I will "try" to forget about it.
I was excited and impressed with myself to find that you misspelled or used the improper form of a couple words. That does not happen often so, yes, I did have to point this out. Although when you mentioned this, you said you were a good speller and I would have to say you should have had "great" in place of good. I would have to agree with the fact that I do rather well in spelling and grammer also, so thank you for that. See, you do alright for yourself sometimes, good job. At least I type correctly, It doesn't matter whether or not the lights are off. I keep my fingers in the right position, I could be faster and hit the delete button less but nonetheless, there is at least one thing that I am better at. Melissa-1 Fuzzy-too many.
By the way, I just want you to know I missed CSI because I was so adamant about finishing this. That and the typing is helping me improve my skill, well at least making me faster. I'm trying to get into a clerical setting somewhere, so see you're helping again. So, "try" to keep making mistakes so I can keep improving my typing skills. I'm sure I will talk to you soon


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