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Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year's Party

My sister had a New Year's get together today. I don't know (or really have much in common with) many of the people that Tracy and Paul call their friends but they do seem nice enough and I do consider myself friends with a few of them. It was nice talking to the people that I know and meeting a few other very nice people. I also went to my sister's place to drop off the Christmas gifts that they received in Michigan and I had the joy of driving home with. It was nice getting them out of my apartment. I hung around to socialize (and to help clean up) a little after the party ended. We talked a little about the tsunami and I was very proud to hear that while they had given some money, my sister didn't feel that money was enough and had a real desire to go there to help when people become more useful than money (probably in a few months). She said it was too easy to brush it off because it happened thousands of miles away. These people that were affected have friends and family and are people too. While we do have our differences and disagreements, right now I am very proud that she is my sister.

In the past, I have ended my updates on a downer, numbering the dead in Iraq. As there were no dead documented in the last 24 hours and December's total has not changed, I don't have to tonight.



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