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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Preparing for Christmas

I got all of my Christmas shopping done (and my sister's Christmas shopping as well) yesterday. I also got all of my gifts but one wrapped. Today I had to run back up to my sister's place to get something that she forgot to give me. I also ran downtown to get some really good chocolate but unfortunately the store was closed for the winter. I came home, ate dinner and left again to drop off gifts for my friends. Tomorrow, I will have to pack and figure out how I will fit my stuff in my car around my sister's gifts and then comes the drive. If the weather is really bad, or if the traffic is really bad, I will wait until early Friday morning to leave. It will not take me 11 hours to drive 330 miles again.

The number of people killed in yesterday's explosion was reduced by five today to 14. It's still tragic and too many people have died in Iraq. As of now, 59 people have been killed in December and 1320 in total. Details can be found at Iraq Coalition Casualties.


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