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Thursday, January 13, 2005

An exciting day at work

The day started out different than it normally does. Apparently there was a nice spring thunderstorm to end the spring day in the middle of winter. It knocked my power out which caused my alarm clock to start blinking. A co-worker called me at 7:30 AM to see if I was coming in (I normally am in by 7 AM). I hurriedly got dressed and arrived at work at 8 AM, an hour later than I normally do. Things were fairly routine when I got there. I started preparing to do a test that I have never done. I found my samples and logged them in, looked at the procedure, and examined the apparatus that I would be using to run the test. At about 9:45 AM, we got an email from the CEO telling us that the VP in charge of the group that I belong to has retired and the group would fall under his (the CEO's) direct control. Another group was split and part of that was also falling under the CEO's control. This obviously made those of us on the bottom a little nervous and we speculated what the future might hold. Cause to be more nervous occurred later in the afternoon when we heard that several of our VP's directors were also let go. My boss' boss who is also a director had not talked to the CEO when we had heard what had happened but there will be a group meeting tomorrow and we will know if he happens not to be there tomorrow. I am very glad that I redid my resume recently.

In Iraq today, 3 more American service members lost there lives. This brings the total for January to 27 and the total for the war to 1360. While I really hate this war and think that there was no reason to go there in the first place. I would really like to think that we would leave it in a condition better than when we started. Having said that, I have a feeling that when the elections are held in Iraq, Bush will start trying to convince people that we have won and there is no reason to be there. Iraq is now and will be an ungovernable anarchist state for the forseeable future. Putting a fried rat on a platter does not make it filet mignon.


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