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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Weekend

I could really do a substantial post on the weekend if I felt like writing. The weekend is when I do most of my volunteering and this last weekend was no different. I volunteered with One Brick to work at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Working at the Food Depository is always a good thing. They are very organized and they definitely put their volunteers to work. In the many times that I have been there I have repackaged pasta, repackaged frozen corn, broccoli, potatoes, separated orphans (big boxes of assorted dry goods that come from grocery stores), and paper products. This weekend we did produce. We took boxes of lettuce, canteloupe, and limes, threw away the spoiled food and reboxed the stuff that was still good. With the lettuce, this involved peeling the first couple of layers off. There was, however, some heads that were not salvageable at all. The canteloupes we tossed were moldy or soft. This was actually most of them. Most of the limes though, were good. While it was slightly disgusting at times, it was good to go because I saw several of my friends, a few that I haven't seen in about six months.

Yesterday, I spent the day at my sister's house. It was the last day my sister's inlaws were going to be around, they live in Spain and they were returning today. I really enjoy talking with them, its interesting to get a European perspective on current events.

Tom DeLay was indicted today by a different grand jury for money laundering. Again Mr. DeLay has proclaimed his innocence and claims that prosecutors are manufacturing charges. I again say that it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. With three charges to fight now, two of which seem to be fairly serious, hopefully this ends his career.

In Iraq, the American casualty total is now 1936. 49 were killed in September and 3 have been killed in October so far. I will start catching up with those people that I have not yet named this week.


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