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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


It is cooler today so my computer is being cooperative. I did try to do substantive updates yesterday and the day before but because it was so warm, my computer crashed several times. This makes it rather difficult to write more than a couple of sentences.

So, what have I wanted to talk about? The trial of the Hmong deer hunter from St. Paul that is accused of murdering 5 hunters in Wisconsin after being kicked off of their property started on Monday. There is no argument about the fact that the defendant killed the hunters, what he is trying to argue is self-defense. He has claimed that they fired first, they threatened him, and surrounded him so that he couldn't leave. While it wouldn't surprise me that the Wisconsin hunters did get racist in their insults and being alone he felt intimidated. From what I have read about his past history, he seems to be a hothead who tends to overreact. This is what I think happened there. I think he is guilty and neds to stay in jail, says I who am not a member of the jury and am not at the courthouse to hear the case.

Charlie Madigan of the Chicago Tribune wrote yesterday about the Mennonite Disaster Relief Service. They, apparently, have received $1 million in order to do relief work for Hurricane Katrina. They are going into the area to clear trees, rebuild houses, and help whoever needs help. The Mennonites are a very strong community and would be a great asset in rebuilding the houses that need to be rebuilt. A big part of their gospel seems to be about standing together to help those that need it. The fact that they are down there is a very good thing.

The Senate hearing on John Roberts' judicial nomination started on Monday. I am glad that the Democrats are asking him some hard questions. I have to say from what I have read and heard, he hasn't said anything inflammatory and has beem very good at answering questions in general. He has been very good at hiding his personal views which has actually made members from both parties a little nervous. From his past writings, I have to say that I haven't liked his point of view, but having said that, I will not be outraged if his nomination is approved. The point of view of the court will probably not move with him replacing Rehnquist.

In Iraq several car bombs went off killing about 150 Iraqis. No Americans were killed today leaving the totals at 13 for September and 1897 in total.


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