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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Various and Sundry

I saw a few things within the last few days that I wanted to post about . I wanted to post yesterday but Blogger seemed to be down when I tried to post. None of what I have seen has to do with anything or even each other but here they are.

First I will start with a picture I happened to see to day of a freak frog. I am not sure that this is a real picture but it is definitely bizarre.

Next we have the story of the truck accident in Hubbard Tunnel yesterday morning. Now, under normal circumstances while it may be news, especially since it crashed during morning rush hour, it wouldn't warrant a comment from me because it really is not that unusual. What raised its status however, was its cargo which soilled all over Hubbard Tunnel. It had been carrying 40,000 pounds of Victoria's Secret merchandise. Lingerie is very light so it blows my mind to think at the number of pink boxes that had to be scattered through the tunnel in order to make up 40, 000 pounds.

Last, on Sunday, The Chicago Tribune listed the 10 most important indie music labels in Chicago. I am really into music and particularly indie rock so I was familiar with most of the labels although because I am not that versed in blues or jazz, I was not familiar with all of them. Of the labels listed, I really like Thrill Jockey, Touch and Go, and Bloodshot Records, I'm going to have to check out Flameshovel, and I think Drag City, and Southern Records should have also been included.


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