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Thursday, December 15, 2005


I can describe the way I feel right now in two words, tired and bloated. Today was the day of our group Christmas luncheon. It was at Maggiano's from 11 AM - 3 PM and it was pretty fun. It was nice to talk to some of my coworkers in a somewhat social setting. The food was very good but I ate way too much. Things started out with cocktails (beer and wine) and appetizers; calamari and bruschetta. When we sat down for lunch we had two different salads and bread, five different entrees, and fruit and tiramisu for dessert. There was then a raffle and gift exchange, I ended up with a poinsettia. The party broke up and we went our separate ways. As I was going to have to be back in the area this evening, I decided to stay around. I need to find gifts for some people yet so I wandered around Woodfield and then went to Border's and read for a while. All of the food that I ate for lunch was pressing on my brain so I couldn't think so I read. The time came and I wandered over to Panera's where we had our book club meeting and Christmas (White Elephant) book exchange. While I liked the book that I got, it was the book that I brought. It was funny though that someone else had brought it. As a consolation, I was told that I could read another book if I want to . I am going to although I haven't decided whether it will be The Russian Debutantes Handbook or Hairstyles of the Damned.


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