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Monday, January 09, 2006

A Change for Now

I guess I like writing too much to stop. There are a lot of things that I am interested that I could talk about specifically in politics like Samuel Alito's Confirmation Hearings or the Domestic Spying by the NSA or the Tom Delay/Jack Abramoff corruption scandal or even the Iraq War. I feel very strongly about all of these things but as I said before, there are many people that express how I feel much better. If you want to get something besides MSM's take on these things check out Daily Kos for everything Alito, The Huffington Post for Abramoff, Americablog for spying, for coverage on the Iraq War try Alternet or if you just want to know casualties go to Iraq Coalition Casualties.

Now, on to things I will cover. I saw a story today that reminded me of one of the most popular stories on This American Life; the program was called First Days and the story was Squirrel Cop. It was a story of a rookie police officer that was called to a newlyweds house to rid them of an invading squirrel. To make a long story short, the cop scared the squirrel into a burning fireplace, it caught fire, rushed out and burned the couples living room. In the story I recently read, a retired man living in New Mexico caught a mouse in his house and decided to be rid of it by disposing of it in a bonfire he had burning outside. The only problem was that the mouse was still alive and it jumped out of the fire burning and ran back into the house. The man is now living in a hotel.


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