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Saturday, July 22, 2017


Things have been going pretty well of late.  Not everything has gone as I would hope, but things are better than they have been and I have been reacting better to those things things that I didn't care about so much.  Last week, I went to Pitchfork and I had a lot of fun.  I saw friends there and outside Pitchfork and things were good.  I did seem to get an irritated eye on Saturday or Sunday.  Things didn't get better, so I thought that I might have gotten in my eye and decided to see my eye doctor on Tuesday.  He has had experience with things in my eye, so I trusted him.  He didn't find anything, but did notice that my eye was irritated and prescribed an antibiotic/steroid eye drop to try to take care of it.  This didn't help, and in fact, things got worse.  I started noticing irritations around my eye and on my scalp.  I saw him on Thursday and he did some more looking.  He then asked me before telling me anything if I have been under a lot of stress of late.  While things have been better of late, I did have to say yes.  He then told me that he though that I had shingles.  Two siblings and my mom have had shingles but they had them on their trunk.  I had never heard of it on the head.  He sent me to a specialist on Friday to confirm, which he did.  My eye hurts and things are very painful.  I have had a headache since Tuesday and the eruptions are very tender and painful.  It's worse in the morning, but things do improve as the day goes on (although never gets good).  I am taking an anti-viral, Valtrex, and L-Lysine to fight it.  Hopefully things progress quickly.  I missed three and a half days of work last week and I wan to have all of my work done before I go on vacation next week.


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