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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I decided that I would put all of my affirmations in a single post because making a post that is a single line is simply a shame.

Wednesday, June 21:  I am very good at being there for other people, but tend to ignore my own feelings.  I did pretty well tonight bringing them out.

Thursday, June 22:  Today was very productive at work and I made significant progress on several important projects and responsibilities.

Friday, June 23:  I am glad that I am handy and was able to repair my toilet on my own.

Saturday, June 24:  Every month, I pick out a restaurant to dine at for brunch and I invite many friends.  This takes dedication, but I appreciate the payoff.  Several of the friends that I invite for brunch are not really foodies.  I did find out however, that even among them, I am having an influence which gratifies me.

Sunday, June 25:  Today went very well so it's hard to come up with a good affirmation for me.  I'm glad that I have a good memory, so I could remember where I could have possibly lost my money clip.  I'm also glad that I'm doing well enough that the possible loss of a few dollars doesn't really affect me.

Monday, June 26:  I'm happy I have a job that keeps me productive and gives me enough money to do the things that I like to do.

Tuesday, June 27:  I'm happy that I have enough foodie experience to be able to appreciate the dinners that I attend.

Wednesday, June 28:  I'm happy for my friends and happy to see that they care about me.

Thursday, June 29:  I biked almost 40 miles today.  I'm glad I'm in good enough shape that I can bike as much as I do.

Friday, June 30:  I am very that I am close with my family.  While I can't yet talk to them about therapy, I do know that they would support me.


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