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Friday, September 17, 2004

The Lake

I first visited Lake Michigan in 1996 when Tricia and I were on the outs. I was pretty depressed and the soothing motion of the waves and the sound of them crashing into the rock wall shoreline calmed me. When I was living in Midland, I went to Lake Huron a few times when I was feeling low, although most of the time I gravitated toward Sanford Lake. I'm not sure what it is every time I head for the water, I am able to find a place where, if I see anyone, they are too far away too study let alone interact with. I can be by myself with nature. The place I like here is actually on the campus of Northwestern. It is on the rocks on the southeast corner of the lakefill. Several of the rocks are graffittied, people declaring their undying love for someone or saying goodbye to Northwestern but the work has already been done so its off my radar screen. Sitting on the rocks in the corner, I am kind of shielded from view from land and I have a good view of the Chicago skyline. Most of the year its a great place to visit but I have to say its not really pleasant when the alewives die. I've been down there once, I think its in late fall and the water is just covered in dead fish. On a late summer evening on the other hand, with the temperature in the upper 60's, a clear sky, a moon 3 days past new, and a light breeze, it was just spectacular. I stayed there for about half an hour watching the waves crash on the rocks and the sailboats move across the lake and let my troubles flow from me.

Tomorrow, I am doing an AIDS walk downtown with my Bike Against Bush T-shirt. I am supposed to meet Sharon's friend Steve on the corner of Randolph and Columbus at 9 AM. I plan on biking down there so I need to leave at about 7 AM. It should be a great ride/walk/ride. I plan on getting back by about 4 PM so I can shower and get ready for church. If I am going to do something that will potentially get me arrested (anti-war protest), I am going to do everything that I can to have everyone on my side.


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