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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The following two stories may seem to be unconnected but I would say they are connected by peoples view of a violation of what they perceive to be a boundary. In the first story, Erika Cruz-Romero, an 11 year old El Salvadoran girl traveled by herself, to the United States and crossed the border away from an official border entrance after her mother and two half sisters disappeared. She was picked up by the border patrol when she crossed the Rio Grande. She didn't know her father's first name but she knew she had a grandmother in the area. After her grandmother was found, her father was found in North Carolina. While she is now living with her father and going to school, because she crossed the border illegally she may be deported. A hearing on her case will occur in the spring. To me, this is like the Elian Gonzales case in reverse. Elian lost his mother when he came to the United States illegally but his father was living in Cuba and wanted him returned. Erika came to the United States after she lost her mother. Children should be with their parents. A border shouldn't make a difference. Erika's father is only in the United States on a temporary visa. He has a hearing in March in order to try to make it permanent. While I would be happy to have Erika stay in the United States vice being shipped back to El Salvador, if her father has to leave, she should go with him.

I'm not sure if I mentioned the Red Tailed Hawk couple that were evicted from their digs at 927 W. 5th Avenue. The nest of Pale Male and his mate Lola was removed by orders of the co-op association after complaints about their mess, droppings and skeletons. The birds have been seen flying around the neighborhood in recent days lloking for a new home. After an uproar from the fans of the hawks that include residents of the co-op like Mary Tyler Moore, the co-op association has decided to let the hawks return with a modification to the twelfth story ledge where they had their nest. Nature is all around us and should have no boundaries. If a flower blooms in a crack in the concrete, it should be celebrated not removed.

And in Iraq two more Americans said goodnight. That brings the totals to 42 for December and 1299 for the war. According to our government things are getting better in Iraq.


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