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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Monster Thickburger again

With everything happening in the world, you would think that I could find something better to talk about than a hamburger. You would, however, be wrong. Yes, I am going to again talk about Hardee's Monster Thickburger. Chicago Tribune's restaurant critic, Phil Vittel, gave it a mostly positive review in a very humorous article today. I have to think though, that humor is the only way he could have gone because at 1420 calories, 107 grams of fat, and weighing in at almost a pound, the burger is just ridiculous. He described the monster thickburger as being to a sensible diet what a baseball bat is to a Hummel Figurine. Neither he nor his teenage sons could finish one. He stated that the burger may actually contribute to highway safety because there is no way someone is going to eat this on the road. The verdict was that it was a pretty good tasting burger with very flavorful meat. He also stated that Hardee's has won a convert, his son. Although thankfully, the nearest Hardee's is an hour away. While I liked Vettel's descriptions I keep coming back to a statement that a columnist from a South Florida paper made. He said that travelers should pass on the Monster Thickburger and eat light. Have a stick of butter instead, it only has 800 calories and 88 grams of fat. You could even wrap a stick of bacon around it.

Today in Iraq, three more people were killed which brought the total to 40 for December and 1297 for the war. It's a really sad thing that it can be said that more people will have been killed this month in Iraq than have been killed in three years in Afghanistan and it will only number in the top five deadliest of months since the war started in Iraq. This has got to stop.


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