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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ghost Cane

Today's post will be relatively shorter than my posts have been of late because I didn't really do anything today and the only thing I saw in the news that really struck me was the story about the woman in Hobart, IN who was selling her father's walking cane on Ebay which may or may not contain her father's ghost. Ebay has said that they will not pull the auction because the woman can actually deliver something substantial. From their point of view, it's the cane with a really interesting story that's being sold and if the buyer wants to believe that they are also buying a ghost, that's up to the buyer. As of this morning, there were 72 bids on the cane with the top being $487. She will buy something nice for her 5 year old son, who has been afraid to move around the house since her father died last year. Her thought was that getting rid of the cane will get rid of the ghost.

The total in Iraq has risen to 1270 today with the deaths of two more Americans today. 13 people have died in the month of December. The month that I will be documenting tonight will be September 2004. 80 people were killed in the month of September which brought the total for the war over 1000 to 1058. The soldiers that died in September are as follows.

September 1: Spc. Joseph C. Thibodeaux III

September 3: Lcpl. Nicholas Perez, Capt. Alan Rowe, 1st Lt. Ronald Winchester, Lcpl. Nicholas Wilt

September 4: PO3 Eric L. Knott

September 5: Sgt. Shawna M. Morrison, Spc. Charles R. Lamb, PFC Ryan Michael McCauley, Ssgt. Gary A. Vaillant

September 6: Lcpl. Michael J. Allred, PFC David Paul Burridge, Lcpl. Derek L. Gardner, Lcpl. Quinn A. Keith, Lcpl. Joseph C. McCarthy, Cpl. Mick R. Nygardbekowsky, PFC Devin J. Grella, Capt. John J. Boria, Spc. Brandon Michael Read, Lcpl. Lamont N. Wilson, Ssgt. Elvis Bourdon, Spc. Tomas Garces

September 7: Spc. Clarence Adams III, Spc. Yoe M. Aneiros, 1st Lt. Timothy E. Price, Spc. Chad H. Drake

September 8: Spc. Michael A. Martinez, Spc. Lauro G. DeLeon Jr., Sgt. James Daniel Faulkner, PFC Jason L. Sparks

September 10: Spc. Edgar P. Daclan Jr.

September 11: PO3 David A. Cedergren

September 12: 1st Lt. Alexander E. Wetherbee, PFC Jason T. Poindexter

September 13: Spc. Benjamin W. Isenberg, Ssgt. David J. Weisenburg, Lcpl. Cesar F. Machado-Olmos, Lcpl. Dominic C. Brown, Lcpl. Michael J. Halal, Lcpl. Mathew D. Puckett, Sgt. Carl Thomas, Cpl. Jaygee Ngirmidol Meluat, Cpl. Adrian V. Soltau, Ssgt. Guy Stanley Hagy Jr.

September 14: Sgt. Jacob H. Demand, Maj. Kevin M. Shea, 1st Lt. Tyler Hall Brown

September 15: Lcpl. Gregory C. Howman, Lcpl. Drew M. Uhles

September 16: 1st Lt. Andrew K. Stern, Cpl. Steven A. Rintamaki

September 17: Cpl. Chrisopher S. Ebert

September 18: Sgt. Thomas Chad Rosenbaum, PFC James W. Price

September 19: Sgt. Brandon E. Adams

September 20: Spc. Joshua J. Henry, Lcpl. Steven C. T. Cates, Sgt. Foster L. Harrington

September 21: PFC Nathan E. Stahl

September 22: Ssgt. Lance J. Koenig, Sgt. Benjamin K. Smith, PFC Adam J. Harris, Sgt. Skipper Soram

September 24: Lcpl. Ramon Mateo, Sgt. Timothy Folmar, 2nd Lt. Ryan Leduc, Lcpl. Aaron Boyles

September 25: Spc. Clifford L. Moxley Jr., Spc. Robert Oliver Unruh, Spc. David W. Johnson

September 26: Capt. Eric L. Allton

September 27: Spc. Gregory A. Cox, SFC Joselito O. Villanueva, PFC Kenneth L. Sickels

September 28: Sgt. Tyler D. Prewitt

September 29: PFC Joshua K. Titcomb, Ssgt. Mike A. Dennie

September 30: Spc. Allen Nolan, Spc. Rodney A. Jones, Ssgt. Darren J. Cunningham

Details on these soldiers can be found at Iraq Coalition Casualties.


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