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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Opportunities not taken.

This entry probably won't be long because my weekend was pretty uninteresting. I did have the opportunities to do some stuff Friday, Saturday and Sunday but just ended up staying home. The second Friday of the month is the Critical Mass Happy Hour which is a Potluck at a private home. I was invited but really didn't feel like going out. On Saturday, I went to Borders to pick up a CD I had ordered, S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D. by Out Hud and also picked up The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys on DVD and the book, "Paradoxes from A to Z" which explores and explaines several classic philosophical paradoxes. I was going to go to an early anti-inaugural party at Heartland Cafe but at 7 PM, there was a Tsunami Telethon on NBC in order to raise money for the Red Cross. I wasn't planning on watching that either, especially after the horrible rendition of Imagine that Madonna did, but after briefly flipping channels and noticing that it was on several channels I was drawn in. The star power that they had for this show was amazing and it was good to see civilians with influence pulling together for such a good cause.

I had planned today to go to a forum at Columbia College today called "Get Your Voice Back! Taking Back Politics, Media and the Future of American Democracy". The keynote speaker for this was Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's campaign manager. Those that know me know that I was a big supporter of Howard Dean. I, like he, believe that the middle class needs to get their power back and it isn't going to happen without a push from the middle class. I thought that this really looked interesting and was planning on going but started burning CD's to my iRiver and reading a book that I bought recently and lost time. It's all right that I didn't do anything substantive this weekend because I will probably be the political activist on Wednesday through Friday of next week.

Since my last update on Thursday night, 4 more American servicemembers lost their lives. This brings the total for January to 31 and 1364 for the war. God willing, this will end soon.


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