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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Art Show Set Up

I went today to help my friend set up for the Critical Mass Art Show which will be happening tomorrow. I helped on Sunday, to collect some of the work and saw some pretty cool stuff. Today we looked at what we have and figured out how we would place it. There was some really cool work of all types of media; painting, photography, sculpture, collages, digital art, and cardboard sculpture. We did a pretty good job of placing the work throughout the space, making sure it didn't clash with work near it, and made sure the pieces were lit properly. It was some hard work but it was fun and I was helping a friend out. The show opens tomorrow, hopefully it will go well.

Music: Dad, There's This Thing Called Too Much Information - Out Hud
Book: America (the Book)
Iraq: February - 13
Total - 1453


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