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Friday, February 04, 2005


While the title of this post is pretty morbid and it is what I am going to be talking about, I will try not to be too depressing. I mentioned in my previous post about the death of Ossie Davis. Actor John Vernon, who's major claim to fame was as Dean Wormer in Animal House, also died February 1 at his home in Los Angeles of complications from heart surgery. He was 72. Other credits included Clint Eastwood movies Outlaw Josey Wales and Dirty Harry. He also reprised Dean Wormer in the TV series Delta House, he played a psychiatrist in Airplane II: The Sequel, he played Police Chief Ferret in Fraternity Vacation, and the underworld figure, Mr. Big, in I'm Gonna Get You Sucka.

California State University student, Matthew Carrington, who was pledging for fraternity Chi Tau died of water intoxication while drinking water from a five gallon jug. I had heard that this was possible a long time ago but this was the first time I had ever heard the mechanism. A few of my friends and I had discussed how too much water may become poisonous and we were actually pretty close to what happens. If a person drinks too much water, especially while exercising, a person's blood plasma increases while the electrolyte concentration decreases. Electrolytes are neurotransmitters and a loss of neurotransmitters would just cause your body to shut down. A parody website listing the dangers of water (which they properly call dihydrogen monoxide) lists the dangers of water. This is very good satire that is funny because its true.

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