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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Roadkill Rage, the State of the Union, and Publicity

I ran across this story today and really don't know how I feel about it except that it is a story of true absurdity and I thought that I would put it out. The rule of the woods is that if you kill a deer, you bring it out of the woods. On the street, things are a little gray. The person that hits it has first dibs, although if they don't want it, it goes to the first person that does. This was where the story starts. A nice 10 point buck was hit by a car and killed near a forest preserve in Des Plaines. The person that hit it reported the kill and said that he didn't want it. Two people were informed about it, a Des Plaines police officer and a disabled ironworker from Glenview. The police officer arrived there first and the ironworker was fine with that until he saw that the policeman was just taking the head. Even though he was offered the meat, he didn't think that the deer should have been butchered at the street. After the meat had sat there for 8 hours, he delivered the headless body to the Des Plaines PD and was promptly charged with littering and disorderly conduct (which was later dropped). I think that the cop should have taken the deer but I think the ironworker should have also taken the meat.

The State of the Union address was last night. I have very little to say about this except that it was more of the same, I didn't like it, and I will do what I can to fight his policies.

I told several of my friends the address to this blog about a month ago and my hit rate tripled. I added the address to this blog to my profile on Care2, which is essentially a Friendster for liberal activists. Hopefully my hit rate will increase more.

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At 9:29 PM, Blogger backstrokes said...

I like your blog. But isn't it funny that "static" also means "unmoving"? No, it's not really, but i thought it was at the time. About the dear: is your point that someone should've taken the meat to eat it? If it is, fair enough, but pretty radical!


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