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Saturday, January 29, 2005


I volunteered this morning for the Jane Addams Hull House Association. We painted a preschool at Orr High School. It was a lot of fun although a lot of work. They did feed us though. I did see a few people that I know and like and met a few new people that I got along pretty well with. There were probably close to twenty people there but I worked mostly with two people. A statistician named Steve who I get along pretty well with and a very cute girl by the name of Eileen who I had just met. We worked well together and we discovered that we had several things in common. Particularly likes in music, although I was familiar with the St. Louis area where she is from. It would be nice to see her again at a future event.

I watched A Mighty Wind tonight. I have to say two things, the performances of the actors as musicians was much better than the movie itself, and Christopher Guest continues to make the same movie. Spinal Tap was a work of genius, Waiting for Guffman, was pretty good, Best of Show was a little weak, and A Mighty Wind was just not funny. The extra features on the DVD were much better than the movie itself.

Movie: A Mighty Wind
Music: Big Day Coming - Yo La Tengo
Book: Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Iraq: January - 96
Total - 1429


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