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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I was going to comment today on Anheuser Busch's new beer soda "B to the E" the new beer with guarana, ginseng, and caffeine but after what happened in Iraq today, it's a really weak story. Today was the worst day in the history of the war. 37 people were killed today led by 31 who were killed in a helicopter crash in western Iraq. The crash doesn't appear to be combat related but it doesn't matter because the marines (and 1 hospital corpsman) are still dead. Accidents happen every day and people die before their apparent time but if we hadn't been in Iraq, these guys wouldn't have run into a dust storm in the desert. The soldiers were doing something that they believed in and they died heroes. I am sure however that their families would have probably preferred that their sons/fathers/husbands had decided to be cowards today even if it would have meant NJP or even court martial, they still would have been alive.

Music: Top of the Hill - Tom Waits
Book: Paradoxes From A to Z by Michael Clark
Iraq: January - 85
Total - 1418


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