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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lists of Bests

I found yesterday, The Lists of Bests website. It contains lists of movies, books, and music from various sources like the American Film Institute, BBC, Rolling Stone and several other lists. There are a total of 88 lists containing 4218 media items. You can go through each of these lists and mark which items you have read, seen, or listened to. I went through all of the lists and came up with a score of 919. The top 15 people that have registered with the site are listed and numer 15 has a score of 935. While I haven't made it yet, I have to imagine that I am at least in the top 20. I will make it on that list. After you mark down the movies, music, and books you have consumed, you can put them in collections that can be viewed by others.

I also had to dig my car out after our major snowstorm. Unfortunately, I don't own a shovel. Luckily our parking lot had been plowed and I had the presence of mind to back in to my parking spot so I only had to dig out from the front of my car. So how did I dig my car out? I had a reversion to childhood and played bulldozer. I got down on my hands and knees and dug out with my hands. It was a bit of work, but it was fun. I got my car out, and drove around a little to let it warm up, and then parked in the street. I wanted to let some of the snow in the parking lot melt.

In Iraq today, one more American lost their life. This brings the total for January to 39 and the total for the war to 1372.


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