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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Weekend

While my weekend was pretty busy. It wasn't busy when I expected it to be and a few unexpected things came up.
I expected Friday to either hang out at home or go to the Auto Show but neither of those things happened. I asked my dad on Friday morning whether he wanted to go to the Auto Show. He first asked my mom if she wanted to come, but when they started to express a little interest, my sister put a stop to it and they decided not to go. When I came home, I expected to spend the evening at home watching Dead Like Me, but I noticed that I had a phone call from my friend Guy. I returned his call and found out that he was in town and he was going to the gallery where his work is being shown. This surprised me a bit because I knew that there was going to be an opening on Friday night at the gallery but after talking to him the week previously, he had said he wasn't going to be doing the show that he had been planning on in February. He was going to the gallery to meet a buyer of his work and a possible commission. He met the person that wanted the commission and had a formal meeting on Saturday. He will be doing some work for the person. This is very big for him and I hope it works out as well as it possibly could. I met him while he was at the gallery and we spent the evening talking.

Saturday was my nephew's 4th birthday and I went to my sister's house to celebrate it with the family. I didn't leave until later in the afternoon because I wanted to wait until my mail came. I was expecting a package from Amazon and a movie from Netflix. I got my movie from Netflix but my package from Amazon didn't show. This irritated me a little because I according to the tracking, it was in Palatine on Friday. I went up to my sister's house, stopping along the way to buy a gift for Alexander, the birthday boy. It was a nice evening, but there was a humorous event that happened after dinner. We were all sitting at the table and Tracy went to the refrigerator to get Alexander's cake out. She looked in the refrigerator and asked who moved the cake. Nobody knew what happened to the cake. Alexander then piped up and told Tracy he knew what happened to the cake and where it was. Tracy, not really believing him, decided to play along and followed him. He took her up to his bedroom where she found the cake sitting on the floor with a knife, a plate, a couple of cans of whipped cream and a pretty good chunk missing from the cake. He told her that he wanted to share with everyone but he couldn't find anyone.

Today, I was supposed to have an afternoon date, but my date was sick. She did give me the option of meeting today anyway but if I had said yes today, I would have felt incredibly guilty. We have agreed to meet on Wednesday night instead which gives me at least one thing to do every night this week. So instead of going out today, I stayed home, downloaded songs from Insound, and watched Napoleon Dynamite.

Music: The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore - PJ Harvey
Movie: Saturday -Dead Like Me (Season 1, episodes 10 through 14) ( 5 Stars)
Sunday - Napoleon Dynamite (5 stars)
Book: America (the Book)
Iraq: February - 38
Total - 1478


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