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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Groundhog with Braces

My computer is still down so I am still writing this from my local library. I happened to see this story today that just cracked me up so it had to go into the blog. A groundhog residing in Brookfield Zoo apparently has a bad case of snaggletooth. "Stormy's" lower incisors are growing apart and his upper insisors are growing between them. Under normal circumstances, a groundhogs upper and lower teeth wear against one another. Because a rodents teeth grow all of their life, if Stormy's problem were not corrected, he would starve to death even living in the zoo. So Stormy has been given braces. The veterinarian dentist trimmed his teeth with a buzz saw and then wrapped suture wire around his lower incisors in order to bring them back together. This is the fourth tinsel treatment for Stormy since August, the treatments will continue until his lower teeth are growing straight.


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