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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bad decisions revisited

The surviving members of the Grateful Dead must have been exploring old times recently when they recently made the decision to prevent the free download of their concerts from the website The Dead, throughout their career were known for allowing fans to freely record their concerts. This resulted in an industry of people freely trading recordings. The band kept a tremendous touring schedule from the time they were founded in the late 60's until the death of one of their founders, Jerry Garcia in 1995. The band essentially dissolved after his death. It did eventually reform but they don't tour nearly as often as they used to. The touring brought in a lot of money, so any money that could be received from recordings was small in comparison. Now that they aren't touring endlessly, the recordings could be a significant revenue stream. After the backlash (which should have been expected) the band did back off and is allowing free concert recording trading as long as the concerts are not soundboard recordings which they claim as their own and will sell them on iTunes.

I will be anthropomorphic for a second and say that the cat Emily from Appleton,WI made a bad decision when it went to a paper company's distribution center and ended up getting shipped to France in a cargo container. At the time of the story, the cat faced a 30 day quarantine and the owners were unsure how they were going to get her back. The cat's story became pretty big news and drew the attention of Continental Airlines. Airline employees escorted the cat on its business class trip from Paris to New Jersey, and from New Jersey to Milwaukee where they met Emily's owners. The owners were expectedly very happy to see Emily and plan on watching and holding her much more closely.


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