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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Birds revisited

I had a great post last night about how I can't stand dealing with birds but my browser froze and was unable to post. I will try again to express my opinions and this time it will hopefully take. As I was saying last night, I don't like birds. While I might like looking at them, reading about them, or eating them, I don't like the animals. They are noisy and messy. I have mentioned stories in the past about birds, notably the Red-tailed hawks, Pale Male and Lola, that had been evicted from their 5th Avenue (New York) condo. I also mentioned the three emus that had been released in the Skokie Lagoon last Thanksgiving. There have been a couple of pretty good bird stories in the news recently. I have no idea what it is about emus and Thanksgiving but another one was seen in the Munster, Indiana are this last Friday that sent police on a wild chase. A restaurant near where the event had occurred ordered several pounds of ostrich meat to use in Ostrich noodle soup as a joke saying that the emu had been killed and was being used in the soup. As of this morning, no one had claimed the emu from animal control. Another story had been about the wild parrots that live in Chicago. A flock of Monk Parrots that appeared in Hyde Park in the 70's has been growing and a sub-group seems to have taken up residence near the Shedd Aquarium which have been thrilling visitors recently. I actually first heard about the parrots when watching a documentary about a wild parrot flock in San Francisco, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. This was a very good documentary about a homeless musician who bonded with the birds and became the expert on the flock and the individuals within the flock. Recently in San Francisco the owner of the trees in which the parrots live has decided that they want to remove the trees. They were able to remove one tree but Mark Bittner, the protector of the birds, was able to prevent the destruction of the other two. Things are presently in a stand-off. Another great documentary that came out this year was The March of the Penguins. I have not been able to see it but it just came out on video and I will see it soon.


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