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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Compressed update

This post could be very long because I have been very busy in the last week. Having said that, because I have been very busy last week, I am also pretty tired. I do feel that I should put something down to tell my fans what I have been doing so I will put something down. Last Friday I went to Improvidate with a large group of people. I would say a large group of friends, but I do feel that there are a few people in the group that really don't like me. Whatever. That's their problem, not mine. I had a good time, Improvidate was funny, and I met some nice people. Saturday, I volunteered with One Brick to help set up the Children's Place's Annual Gala, which this year was at ABN Amro Bank. We went for lunch afterward at Jefferson Tap which had some very good bar food. Sunday, I volunteered for the Red Cross at the Shamrock Shuffle. I started on the cheering squad to cheer the walkers on but I ended up in the beer tent where I usually end up. I was serving beer this time behind several pretty women who really appreciated my loud yell which helped get people's attention. I got the partygoers attention and the girls got their flirt on and got several large tips for the Red Cross. Monday and Tuesday were rest days. Last night, Wednesday, I ushered at the Goodman Theatre and saw David Mamet's Romance which was one of the most profane and also one of the most funny plays I have seen. Tonight I went and saw my friend Jill perform in the Triton Troupers Circus. It is an amateur circus that anyone can be in. She did some Trapeze work and am act balancing on chairs. And tomorrow I will see Redmoon Theatre's The Golden Truffle which is their take on musicals and award shows.


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