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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catching Up

I have done a lot since my last post but I don't feel like writing a lot so this will be short. Last week, a study came out stating that more people new more members of the Simpsons than they knew freedoms covered by the First Amendment of the Constitution. The numbers were expressed differently by different newspapers but in all it was a very bad show of civics for the average American. While I didn't think that the numbers were correct even if the idea was right, an unscientific survey of my own indicated that it may not be far off.

I went to Michigan this weekend to help my mother and my nephew Devon celebrate their birthdays. I was also able to spend a lot of time with my sister Kathryn and my friend Guy. We ended up eating out every night I was there. On Friday, we went to the Boulevard Lounge, on Saturday, we had a late lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (a place I will always call BW-3) and on Sunday, my mother's birthday, we went to Bennigan's and I was reminded why I don't go there often. This week has been pretty quiet although my nephew Alexander had his adenoids removed today and this weekend I will be going to South Carolina to visit my friend Jerry.


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