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Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend and Walmart

Actually I will start on last Thursday because that is the last day anything happened. I went to a One Brick Happy Hour at Red Ivy in Wrigleyville. It was okay, I ended up talking to people I know and am friendly with and to a few people that I had not met through people that I knew and am friendly with. While it wasn't anything spectacular, it was a heck of a lot better than staying home. This weekend, I stayed home for the most part. I did buy groceries, pay bills, and do my laundry but other than that I stayed home , surfed the internet, and watched a couple of movies, "All About My Mother", and "I Shot Andy Warhol".

I read an article today that I am really of mixed emotions about. Walmart has been trying for a while to draw a more upscale consumer to its stores. They have been trying HDTV's, iPods, and other things that are more upscale than they had been offering. They will now try organic foods. I have no problem with organic foods themselves. The problem is that there have been businesses that have been trying to change the definition of organic. I don't know for a fact that Walmart will try to do that themselves, but Walmart is a lowest common denominator retailer, that cares little about their employees or the communities in which they reside. The bottom line is the most important thing. I could continue with the fact that while they have lower prices, the presence of a Walmart depresses wages more than it lowers prices. I have to wonder if after dealing with Walmart, if the Certified Organic designation is going to mean anything.


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