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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


While I do have time on most weekends to post, the only reason that I can think that I don't is that I don't have a routine. During the week I do my posts (or start writing thenm at least) at about 9 PM. At 9 PM during the weekend, if I'm not out, I am watching a movie. On Sunday though, I could write. So the only events of note took place on Friday night and on Sunday. Yesterday, I watched a movie as I usually do on Monday. Yesterday, I watched Elizabethtown which I really liked but there hasn't been a Cameron Crowe film that I have seen that I haven't liked. I could have written yesterday, but apparently I felt lazy.

So what was of note on Friday and Sunday? As I mentioned on Thursday, I won a ticket to the Pretty Girls Make Graves show. It was an early show so I didn't have much time after work before I had to leave. Because I didn't have much time, I decided to eat out and because I made the resolution to hit at least 2 restaurants a month that I have never been to, I decided to go to Yak-Zies. It was nothing spectacular which was what I was expecting but they do make a pretty good burger. After the burger, I went to the show. Unlike many people, I like seeing the opening acts. For PGMG, the opening acts were The Joggers, who I had heard of and who did a great set that was obviously influenced my 70's Prog Rock (They opened with Yes' I See All Good People...) and Giant Drag who were like the White Stripes in reverse (Female Singer/ Guitarist, Male Drummer) who I had never heard of but were still really cool. While I knew that I liked what I had heard of PGMG, I was not aware of how many of their song that I knew. Their music is intensely mining the post punk new wave era of the late 70's/early 80's and it was a great high energy set.

On Sunday, I volunteered for Architreasures who were beautifying a public space, with the public's help in Logan Square. They are creating a wall sculpture/mural outside the Logan Square El station and are making a public garden. I helped paint the wall that the sculpture/mural is going to go on blue and then afterwards went to another restaurant that I haven't been to, El Cid, which is a good Mexican restaurant.

So until next time, Good Night and Good Luck.


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