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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Golden Truffle

I saw Redmoon Theatre's latest production on Friday, The Golden Truffle and it was probably one of the best productions of theirs that I have seen. Like all Redmoon productions, it was interactive. Redmoon Central was set up as a dinner theatre. There were about 20 booths with 6 people per booth. The audience was there to vote on and see the presentation of The Golden Truffle. Which is presented to only the best of the best entertainers. All of the nominees gets to do a presentation, after which there is some interaction with the crowd. Toward the end of the show, the audience votes, and the winner of the vote gets to eat the golden truffle. At least that's the idea of the show...

A small town in northen England is being ravaged by a giant rabbit. Newspapers are making comparisons to Wallace and Gromit and have also said that the monster is as big as a dog. An armed guard has been posted by the vegetable gardens but has not yet had any luck.


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