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Monday, October 16, 2006

Lectures, Volunteering, Discussion, and Movies

I have been very busy for the last couple of weeks. So busy in fact, that I don't really remember all of what I have been doing. In addition to work (which is normal), I have been in the city an average of 5 nights a week. In the last week, it has been the Chicago International Film Festival and a discussion (with Cafe Society) at the Chicago Freedom Museum about the sanctity of the 1st Amendment. I also went this weekend to Kokomo, Indiana to my Aunt Dolly's wedding. I have to say that I think that I have been well picking my movies for the film festival which is actually kind of unusual because there have been a couple of years that I have seen some really bad movies. I made a point of seeing a documentary (which actually turned out not to be a documentary but a dramatization) and of the six movies I saw, the only movie that I saw that was American was the "documentary". In addition the two talks with Cafe' Society since my last post were both very interesting, the first was about the need for scientific literacy in the general population in order to participate intelligently in the democratic process and the one last week I mentioned. It did ask to look at freedom from the view of the censors and while I do see a small point to that, I don't think it is within a governments power to strip a person of his rights.

My business continues this week with another movie, a happy hour with One Brick, and a discussion with Cafe Society about how safe our schools are.


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