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Monday, September 25, 2006


I have been very busy in the last week and a half, but busy is better than not. I am not sure I will remember the things that I have done but I will try. I will start on Saturday the 16th. I went to Lincoln Park Zoo to do a cleanup around the south pond with One Brick. We went to lunch afterward at Bar Louie. I then walked up to the Gin Mill to watch Michigan State beat Pitt in football. I don't remember what I did on Sunday but on Monday, I went downtown to get tickets for the Chicago Humanities Festival. i got 6 tickets and didn't have to pay for any because I am volunteering at three other events. I didn't do anything on Tuesday because I was suffering from a cold and Tuesday was my worst day. On Wednesday, I went volunteered at the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation helping them store things after the Boulevard Lakefront Tour. On Thursday, I went to Cafe' Society where we had a lively discussion about interracial relationships. We decided that while there could be some problems, it has to do with both ignorance and traditions, things are getting better. Friday, I ushered at the Goodman Theatre for the play King Lear. I always enjoy ushering there because its an easy job and I get to see the play for free and this was an excellent play. While it is a Shakespearean play, stylistically, it was set in modern day Bosnia. As would be expected of a Shakespearean tragedy, it was very dark. The setting just added to it. Saturday was domestic day. I paid bills, bought groceries, and did laundry. Later, I watched MSU lose tragically to Notre Dame. Sunday, I went to a lecture at the Field Museum which was part of Chicago Science Expedition: Two Weeks worth of WOW! It was called Three Cosmic Tenors: Exploring the Frontiers of Matter, Energy, Space & Time. The talk was given by three particle physicists who talked about their work and where there work was going. While they were all masters in their field, they were also very good at explaining their work to laypeople. It was very interesting. After the lecture, I stopped for dinner on the way home and ate at the Gale Street Inn. The ribs are fantastic. The sauce is both sweet and spicy and the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a genetics lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art which is the beginning of a year long series of genetics lectures sponsored by the Illinois Humanities Council.


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