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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kangaroos again and Ego Surfing

In December of last year I mentioned a story about a kangaroo being found in Wisconsin. I mentioned then that Wisconsin is not in Australia. I will reiterate today that the United States is not in Australia because a kangaroo was found jumping down the street in Oklahoma City, OK . While it did sound crazy, at first, to the 911 dispatcher, this one was a little more easily explained than the kangaroo in Wisconsin. It was know that a person several blocks from where the kangaroo was found kept exotic animals. The police corralled it with their squad cars and the owner was able to calm it down and take possession of it.

I found a website that tracks your internet popularity. Called, it tracks how many times your blog is linked to and also how many times it can find you on the web. I have an Ego score of 0 so I am effectively invisible. I do know that my blog is read occasionally but what I do on the web is really not that important which is kind of an ironic thing to say considering the time that I got 20 hits in one day and I declared myself popular. That hasn't happened in quite a while and I don't remember why it happened but it happened once.


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