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Thursday, October 19, 2006

My social calendar for this week

I last wrote on Monday and said I was going to be busy this week and I was although as I have also said, it was a good busy. On Tuesday, I saw the last of the movies I was going to see in the Chicago International Film Festival, darkbluealmostblack. It was a Spanish film that combined comedy and drama about being trapped by circumstance. It reminded me of a Pedro Almodovar film and it was very good.

Yesterday, I went to a One Brick happy hour which was to benefit a Chicago elementary school. I happened to meet yet another MSU alum. This girl was named Lauren and she had just moved to Chicago a month ago. She was also from the same hometown as my friend and last roommate at MSU, Dan Lake. She thought she went to school with Dan's younger brother, but after talking to Dan, I figured out that it was his cousin. She was very cool and I hope to see her again.

Tonight was supposed to be another meeting of Cafe' Society and while I did go, it was cancelled due to lack of interest. My next event may be cheering at the Chicago Marathon on Sunday although as it may be pretty cold, I may not go. So I may actually have a stretch at home. Time will tell...


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