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Thursday, October 26, 2006


This is going to be much more stream of consciousness than it usually is. Most of the time when i post I at least have an idea what I am going to talk about. I haven't done anything this week and there wasn't anything that I read that I felt that I needed to comment on. I have been going to Molecular Sieve School at work. It is Thursday which is the night of Cafe Society but I didn't feel like going tonight. While the subject is important (North Korea), I really didn't think that I had anything to say about it. I probably won't go next week either because it will be the start of the Chicago Humanities Festival and I want to see Paul Krugman, who will be the opening speaker. Saturday, I will be going to a genetics talk and on Sunday, I will be volunteering at a running race.
So, until the next time I write...


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