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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My only free night this week.

I finished the lab portion of that project at work that was totally drying my skin out. I had to compare the attrition of several different samples hydrated to 32% by weight. This involved loading a 30 gram sample into a 20 mesh screen cylinder surrounded by a steel cylinder and shaking it for 30 minutes. I then screened the fines and remaining beads through an 80 mesh screen. Several of these samples produced a lot of dust and as what we manufacture are basically dessicants, after working with the stuff for 8 hours, my hands and lips were so dry they felt like they were going to peel off. I am done with all of the attrition testing itself, now all I have to do is make a spreadsheet of the numbers that I got from the testing I did so they can be compared. This work has taken about a week between sample preparation, shaking, and separation. I'm glad I'm done. Today is going to be my one free day this week, so I decided to just take it easy. I did have to do a little housework and cook and I am going to try to call someone who I consider a friend whose having a bit of a rough time. Admittedly the friendship does seem to be a bit one way at times but I don't do casual friendships. It does take something from the other person in order to start the friendship but if I become friends with someone, I will anything within my moral code for them and I will always be there if they need help. I am nothing if not reliable.


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