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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


After a busy day at work, I came to a busy day at home. Actually that isn't completely true, after a busy day at work, I came home, changed clothes, saw that I had been slammed with email, and went biking on a new route that I wanted to try. When I came home after the bike ride was when I got really busy. I drove out to Willow Creek Church on Algonquin Rd. because I saw that there was a trail just south of I-90 and off Barrington Rd. I didn't know if there was any parking down there and I saw by my map that there was a fairly bike friendly route to get there. The ride to the path wasn't bad except when I was trying to cross 90 at Barrington Rd going in both directions. There was road construction and I was trying to cross during rush hour, so things got a little hairy. I decided, when trying to cross going south, to jump int the adjacent parking lot and ended up sitting on a thistle. I have to say, this wasn't a good start. Things did improve though, once I got to the trail. The trail was at Poplar Creek and had expanded since my map was made. My map showed the trail as a wide U but it had been masde a full 9 mile loop with several side trails. I only did part of the route but did notice that there were several parking areas so the next time I do it, and I will do it again, I will park down there. My ride ended up being almost 21 miles. Not a bad distance for a weekday.

I got home in time to shower, microwave my leftovers (chicken chow mein), and call in a poll monitor training conference call. As I have told several of my friends, the right to vote is one of our greatest rights and responsibilities and I decided to do what I can to make sure everyone has that right. There have been too many instances of voter suppression in recent years to let this go. The call lasted about 45 minutes and gave us the bare bones of what we would be doing as poll monitors. During this call, I got three calls from I can only guess telemarketers and one call from my little sister. I know it was my little sister because she called my cell phone after she couldn't reach me at home. So, I received 4 calls in the time that I was actually on the phone and not one before or after. Doesn't it just figure?!

All of this done, it was now time to handle my email. I had 51 emails that I had received today, some of which required replies which generated more email while I was trying to get through it. It took me two hours. But I am now done as is this thought. On to another day...


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