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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Kerry/Edwards Rummage Sale

The day started with a trip to Evanston to help a woman at a rummage sale where the proceeds will be going to the Kerry/Edwards campaign. I helped convince people who were waffling that since the money was going to a very good cause they should spend their money. I worked there for about 5 hours and helped raise $250 for the Kerry campaign. I also contributed $20 of my own money to buy books and CD's which will be going for a good cause in their own right. I'm giving them to Sharon to sell on Ebay. She is splitting the profits with me so I will probably make my $20 back but I'm not worried about that, I just want to help Sharon make as much money as possible so she can stretch the money that she does have as far as she can while she is officially unemployed.

I also watched Thief tonight which was one of the DVD's I received from Netflix. I remember liking it a lot when I saw it years ago (it came out in 1981) but watching it tonight, while I liked it, it seemed dated.

Tomorrow, I will see my sister Tracy and her little munchkins (or gremlins if they didn't sleep well). She is going to London for her anniversary because her husband has to be there on business. I wanted to see her before she left. My parents are coming down tomorrow night to watch her kids for the week. I will probably see them on Monday night.

That would be all for now, everyone have a great evening.


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