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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Existential again

This will probably be pretty short because I have to get up early tomorrow and will have a long day. It is amazing to me how much you can find to do when there is something that you really don't want to do. I said that I was going to clean house today and I did do some but there is a lot more that I could do. The stuff that I did do today, pay bills, buy groceries, go to church was all important, but I could have been more efficient in my time management.

In the time that I ws by myself I got to thinking about Existentialism. Some of the cornerstones of Existentialism are the absurdity of life and despair and most Existentialist philosophers are atheists. While I do have periods of angst and see the absudity of life, I am ultimately an optimist and am also Christian. While things do look rough there is a plan and it will ultimately turn out for the best. I have a lot of good things coming up that will be a lot of fun but it is sometimes hard to see when all I see is me. Tomorrow, I am volunteering in one of the medical tents at the Chicago Marathon as a runner. Monday, I'm going to see Team America: World Police with a free ticket I got from the Onion, and Tuesday, I'm going to meet my friend Sharon for lunch. All of this stuff should be a lot of fun and I will be happy when I get to them.

With the Presidential election in less than 30 days, I have been paying close attention. News that didn't get a lot of play was that two of the third-party candidates were arrested before the debates. They purposefully got themselves arrested in order to protest their exclusion from the debates. I have to say that I really agree with the stand that they are taking. Every presidential candidate who is on the ballot in at least 30 states should be allowed to let the people know what he stands for. Having said that, while David Cobb, the Green Party candidate more closely represents me, there is no way that I am voting for a third-party candidate this time around ( I voted for Ross Perot in 1992 and Ralph Nader in 2000). The stakes are too high, and in my mind a smalll move to the left is better than 4 more years of the status-quo.


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