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Monday, January 17, 2005

Martin Luther King Day

The birthday of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King is celebrated today. Government offices, schools, and the post office are closed. Everyone else has to work. While I support equal rights for everyone and think that Dr. King did great things. I find the idea of his birthday being a government holiday for this government entirely disengenuous. The two tiered system for the rich and poor that we are heading toward, flies in the face of everything that Dr. King fought for. With the fall of affirmative action, the rich white guy is again rising to the top and is enacting rules to keep therich firmly on top. The 2004 for election in Ohio was one example of this, as is the decrease in minority students in colleges in Florida and Texas. Bush's program to allow illegal aliens work legally in the United States encourages employers to lower wages and working conditions. This creates a larger pool of poor people who will work in any condition. We need another person to take Dr. King's mantle.

In Iraq, 3 more servicemen (who are another example of the two tiered system this country is creating) lost their lives today. This brings the total for January to 34 and for the war to 1367.


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