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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I have been called on something I said last month and failed to follow through with. At the beginning of January, I let my friends and family know the address of my blog after I had been writing it for three months and had figured out what kind of blog it was going to be. A day or two later, I got my first and only comment from my sister Melissa. Among other things she brought up the fact that while I had mentioned several of my friends several times and most of my family at least once, I had not mentioned my youngest sister Kathryn or her (Melissa's) son Devon at all. At the time I mentioned that I would mention her on her birthday because I would undoubtedly talk to her. Actually, I talk to Kathryn more than I talk to any of my other siblings. It was a surprise to me at the time that I had not mentioned her yet. Her birthday was last week, February 16th and while I did call her and talked to her for about 20 minutes while she was going to dinner at Cracker Barrel, that night in my blog I talked about art, specifically about fake passports and dogs playing poker. So Kathryn, I truly apologize for not mentioning you. You are an important part of my life even if you had never been mentioned here before.

My friend Bob sent me an article today that listed (in the article writer's opinion) the Top 100 Gadgets of All Time. They laid out the rules at the beginning of the article, the two most notable being that the gadgets had to be smaller than a breadbox and had to have moving parts. I think those rules are pretty good at helping to define a gadget, but having said that, they included a couple of devices that didn't fit into that definition, specifically #38 and #31. My favorites on the list are numbers 89, 77, 75, 70, 64, 63, 57, 50, 24, and 9.

Music: Surgical Focus - Guided By Voices
Movie: Traffik (episode 1) (4 stars)
Book: Last Call - Laura Pederson
Iraq: February - 44
Total - 1486 military, unofficially 232 civilians working for coalition companies


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