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Monday, April 04, 2005

A good day...

I had a great day today which followed a great but tiring weekend. I was very busy this weekend volunteering. Saturday morning I went to the Aragon Ballroom to help set up for a Black Tie event for The Children's Place Association, a charity whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children and their families who are affected by HIV/AIDS. The setup was incredible, the volunteer coordinator for The Children's Place said that this event brings in about $400,000. I could easily believe it. There was a silent auction with some very nice items and place settings for about 400 people. The setup for us involved carrying the silent auction items up to the third floor and setting them up in their appropriate places. We also put centerpieces on the tables and made name tags. After all of this they fed us a box lunch. Free food is always good. I ran into a friend of mine at the event but I also met some very nice new people. The volunteer coordinator for our group was an 18 year old college student named Tawny. She was a nice kid and I really have to give her credit for coordinating this. I also met a girl from Windsor/Detroit named Nicole. She went to U of M but I won't hold it against her because she didn't have the U of M arrogance. She has a degree in Political Science but is still trying to figure out what she wants to do. She doesn't want to be a lawyer or a politician so she is presently working as a server in a fine dining establishment. While I got home about 3 PM Saturday afternoon, after all of the work I did, I really felt like doing nothing so that's what I did.

On Sunday, I volunteered for the Red Cross as a bartender at the Shamrock Shuffle 8K run, 5K walk. While i was supposed to be there at 9 AM, which I was, we didn't really start working until 10 AM. There was a bit of friendly competition to attract people to our tables and because I have a loud yell, I yelled a lot. It is amazing how much energy you can expend just passing beer to the customers. After 4 hours, I was worn out and so was my voice. While I knew that some of my friends were going to be there, I signed up to do this by myself so didn't really expect to see anyone. I ended up seeing seven people I knew, including a couple I really wasn't expecting to see. It was nice seeing everyone but it was also nice to go home and crash when everything was done.

As I said at the beginning, today was also a good day. I had enough work to keep me busy at work and after work it was a beautiful day so I got out for my first bike ride. It wasn't a long ride, only about 12.25 miles, but it was good to get out on my bike again. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow also but as its election day and I will be busy after, I won't be able to ride. With the weather and my schedule, I probably won't be able to ride for the rest of the week but it was still nice to get out.

Movie: Brazil (5 stars)
Book: Atonement - Ian McEwan
Iraq: March - 36
April - 4
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