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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Slow News Day

That isn't exactly true, election day was yesterday (off year) and the Democratic party picked up several major wins including the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia. President Bush campaigned for the Republican candidate in Virginia and he went down in flames. While it isn't necessarily a harbinger of 2006, it was a good thing.

On a completely different subject, every once in a while (on slow news days) humorous animal stories show up in the news. In one article that appeared while my computer was down, a family in Appleton, Wisconsin lost their cat about a month ago. They looked all around their neighborhood and then the animal shelter in the area without luck. Last week the cat was found in a container that had traveled by air, sea, and land, to Nancy, France. The cat had to pass through quarantine to enter France and again will have to go through quarantine to re-enter the US. The family is wondering how they will get their cat back.

And in Sweden, two moose, a cow and her calf, became drunk and invaded a home for the elderly. The moose became drunk after eating fermented apples that were in the yard and came into the house. Police were called and scared them away but they returned in search of those apples. A hunter with dogs were called to scare the moose away again and this time they made sure that the apples were removed from the yard.


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