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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Convergences & Chickens?

So yesterday, I went to a lecture (actually a conversation) between Ira Glass, the host of This American Life on NPR and the new head of the Chicago Humanities Foundation, Lawrence "Ren" Wechsler. Dr. Wechsler talked about his new book, "Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences". Ira is a very good interviewer but Dr. Wechsler really liked to talk and he seems to have the sense of wonder about life that a child does. Listening to him was refreshing. He showed several pictures/comparisons from apparently disparate images. It was interesting to see him draw a link between a Babylonian Cuneiform writing tablet, a South African prisoner, and the Cook County Jail or Slobodan Milosovich and Newt Gingrich or a painting by Cezanne and an image of "Ground Zero" after 9/11. I will pick up the book eventually, it would definitely be a conversation starter.

I heard this on the news on the way to work this morning and it was just too weird not to mention. A retired nurse in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Marian Morris, saved her brother's pet chicken, Boo Boo, after finding it floating face down in the family pond. The bird wasn't breathing so she decided to perform artificial respiration. She put mouth to beak and Boo Boo's eyes opened, she breathed again into his beak and his eyes opened again. She figured the bird was alive so it needed to be kept warm. By this time Boo Boo's family became involved and they put him in a large cardboard box with water and a feeder. The chicken was called Boo Boo because its afraid of everything. They figure he became scared and fell into the pond.

The Grammy's are being announced as we speak. While I have my opinions, that leaves me something to talk about tomorrow.


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