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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Last weekend and a new blog.

I had a great weekend last weekend. I got to do a couple of my favorite things, hang out with friends and see some really cool art. Friday was the night of the Chicago Critical Mass Bike Winter Art Show. My friend Cathy was one of the curators of the show so of course I had to be there. The art was pretty cool even if some of it was a bit amateurish. There were three musicians playing in different configurations and three different names. One of them was pretty cool, one of them reminded me of insane caberet music and I don't even now how to explain what the other "band" was like.

Last weekend was also the weekend of the Around the Coyote Winter Festval. My friend Lacey, who I met through my friend Guy, was the Winter Artist in Residence for the organization. Guy came into town on Friday night for the show. I was hoping that he was going to make it for the show I was at on Friday, my friend Cathy wanted to meet him but it didn't happen. We went to the Around the Coyote show, met up with Lacey, saw the different artists works, went to dinner at the Sultan's Kitchen, and went back to the gallery to wait for Lacey's boyfriend. We stopped at Filter to wait for Adam (Lacey's Boyfriend) and then commenced to a few bars. We started at Piece, commenced to Lottie's, and ended up with the after bar eating at Underdogg. I managed to get home at 5 AM Sunday morning.

So I have a profile on MySpace. One of the things you can do on MySpace is to blog. I am going to use the blog to talk about this blog when I post something new. Maybe I'll get more hits here and maybe I'll get some traffic there as well. We will see.


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